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Wow, those franchises are expensive!

We were surprised when we read a Wall Street Journal article "Trying Out Some Dial-a-Handyman Services" by Sam Schechner in the Personal Finance Section comparing bids by the franchise handyman services (Case, Service Magic, Mr. Handyman, etc). Most charged $90+/hour plus a $30-45 "dispatch" fee, with a 4 hour minimum - basically, $400 to start.

Typically, the Urban Handyman charges $100 for the first hour and $80/hour thereafter with only $100 minimum. We often charge a straight $80/ hour for jobs over 3 hours. We don't have to pay salesmen or franchise fees, and that saves you money. Email us about your project, and we'll give you an estimate.

By hiring the Urban Handyman, you can feel confident that you are hiring a trustworthy, skilled person that has built a great business in your local area.
We are great neighbors, and we save you money!!!

Thanks for making the Urban Handyman a successful Chicago business!